Index name decorators

The bundle offers the possibility to influence the generated index names using the decorator pattern. If you want to add your own decorator, you have to implement the IndexNameDecoratorInterface, and register the new decorator in the Symfony dependency injection container. Consider that you should pass the current most outer decorator as an argument, so that it can be called in your decorator.

Afterwards you have to make sure that your new decorator is returned when getting the service for massive_search.index_name_decorator.default, what can be achieved by using the alias feature of Symfony.

Available index name decorators


The index name decorator returns the value for the index name from the Mapping files.


This decorator adds the locale to the index name, in case the document has a locale parameter.


The PrefixDecorator is responsible for adding a prefix to the index, so that the Bundle knows if the given index name is managed by the search bundle. This prefix can be configured by the massive_search.metadata.prefix configuration setting, which defaults to massive.


Make sure that the other indexes you might have in your system have a name not starting with the prefix defined by this configuration. Otherwise it might be possible that the MassiveSearchBundle modifies or deletes these indexes.